Bamboo Toothbrushes | Mixed Set

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All of our colorful toothbrushes gathered in one set with 2 soft brushes for adults (green and purple) and 2 soft brushes for children (blue and pink).

Our Bamboo Toothbrushes are:

  • 100 % Biodegradable Handle
  • Sustainably grown Bamboo
  • Eco-friendly
  • Vegan
  • Soft and Gentle BPA-Free Nylon Bristles
  • Wavy shaped bristles for adults
  • Flat shaped bristles for children
  • Recyclable Kraft paper packaging

The Bamboo is heat treated to carbonize the surface of the bamboo giving it a quality water resistant finish and prevents the growth of microbes during normal use.

Care instructions

Bamboo is a woody material and prefers to be kept in a dry area. It’s best not to use an enclosed toothbrush holder where water accumulates. Instead opt for an open container or another dry area.

How to dispose of your bamboo toothbrush?

Remove the bristles using tweezers or pliers and dispose in your plastic recycling container. As the bristles are small and could get lost during the recycling process you can put them inside another plastic item you are recycling. If you completely stopped using plastic, an incredible accomplishment by the way, you can keep one plastic container around until it’s filled up with bristles before you recycle it.

The handle is completely biodegradable and can be put in your regular composting bin. You can also throw it in your fireplace (if you have one). Alternatively you can reuse the handle as a plant marker in your garden or maybe for a fun craft with the kids. More ideas to follow. =)

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